Napoli Terminal is a specialized forestry product teminal. The Company was founded in 1990, with Magazzini Generali, purposely to accomodate the increasing quantities of forestry products unloaded in the port of Naples, in particular woodpulp which uptil that time had not been handled by a specialized company.

The terminal covers an area of 68,000 m2, including a covered area of 25,000 m2. There are three berths with direct access to the terminal.

The reception capacity is 6000 tons of cargo per shift, with 3 shifts a day. 4000 tons per day can be redelivered from the ternĂșnal ori truck or railwagon as all warchouses have private rail connections.

The terniinal is fully equiped with all types of clarnp fork lifts from 4 to 16 ton capacity ani reel clamps are, available for any kind of reels from newsprint paper to kraft liner. The terminal has special equi ment for discharging and reloading of forestry products. Napoli Terminal has it's own customs section. In the near future the Company plans a further investment of USD 3.000.000. for additional covered areas for woodpulp, reels and lumber, dedicated areas for cargo in transhipment, advanced procedures and technology for quality and quantity control, new handling equipraent and for the complete control of entire operations from ship to delivery to custoiners warehouse with companies belonging to the Klingenberg Group.