Merismar is a private stevedoring company operating in the port of Naples. The Company was founded in 1950 and was taken over by the Klingenberg Group in 1973 in order to have the complete control of the whole discharging and loading cycle.

Merismar is the leader in Naples for handling break bulk cargo as it is specialized in forestry products, siderurgical and palletised cargo besides handling containers and other general cargo.

The Company has the most modern equipment for handling all types of cargo including heavy pieces and very delicate materials such as new print and it's fleet of fork lifts, ranging from 2,5 tons to 30 tons and all types of accessories. The Company has put a lot of effort in training personnel with regard to cargo quality protection.

Besides being the leader in the landing of general cargo in the port of Naples, as the Klingenberg group is leader in passenger operations, the company has specialised in providing services for passenger ships, including luggage handling and stores & provisions handling.

The whole cycle is ISO 9002 classified.